Creating the suitable ambience is a very personal issue. What for someone else can be comfortable
does not have to be yours at all.Your individual wishes we translate to a total concept in our style
of creating the landscape design.

European style in Design and Creating

o North European
The typical Dutch and Scandinavian atmosphere of landscape with great transparencies and with almost
a minimalistic way of working with elementary basics. Even small territories will have the mature impression
of quality and a specific atmosphere.

o Mediterranean
With the classic rounding’s, the influences of the Renaissance and the overwhelming flavour from all flowering
brings Italy alive. Is it from the North Garda region, the Toscanini colours or even with the Sicilian temperament?
This rich ambience can be felt every day again.

Project Management in Structure and Communication

For creating the landscape projects we have a selected group of professionals and partners with each their
specialism. Not only we take care for fertilizing and planting but also drainage, irrigation systems, pavement,
lightening and small construction works.

Our team works in European style and principles. We are used to convert this to each individual situation.

In this we take care for:
o Excellent creativity translated to a constructive master plan
o Clear communication with all involved parties
o Experienced teams in all disciplines in work and maintenance
o Honest calculation of finances and at front agreed timetable
o Only the best ranked suppliers
o Long term maintenance of the total project